YouTube Channels for Expanding your Consciousness

You may be in search of insightful information that will have an impact on your life.  YouTube is a great platform that allows for people to express their ideas directly to an audience.  The following YouTube channels have had an impact on my life, and may be useful to you.

Activation Vibration

From a  gentle being named Heather Hoffman, she gives practical tips to her viewers which they can apply to their lives.

Matt Presti

It was tough for me to choose just one video to represent this channel.  There is just so much quality content that is truly groundbreaking in its implications for science, for spirituality and for human society.  Mr. Presti provides a rich selection of his own musical compositions which accompany these video presentations.

We Plants are Happy Plants

From Peter Bergman of Budapest, this channel features his music, videos, and documentaries.  Much of it revolves around Terence McKenna, the scientist, thinker and writer from the 20th century.  A spectacular clip from the documentary “The Transcendental Object at the End of Time” outlines McKenna’s DMT experiences.

New Thinking Allowed

A channel by Jeffrey Mishlove filmed in Albuquerque, this series picks up from his public television series filmed years earlier.  A wide range of topics encircle the focal point of parapsychology.

Bridget Nielsen

This channel includes tips and stories that help people to expand their consciousness.  This includes discussions about angels, extra-terrestrials, and parallel realities.  Some of the tips on this channel focus on topics such as health, diet and pure home products.  Ms. Nielsen hosts retreats and webinars to help people connect to a larger world.

Gardening Channel with James Prigioni

If you want to connect to the energies of the natural world, James Prigioni provides abundant insights into growing a food forest.

Brien Foerster

Brien Foerster has crossed the globe many times in search of evidence of past civilizations hidden among the sands of time.  He is a leading expert in the study of the Paracas culture of South America from two millennia ago, a society marked by the elongated skulls of its people.

Foerster has helped to fund research into the DNA from the elongated skulls, and has found correlations with a group of skulls unearthed in the Black Sea region on the other side of the planet.

The University of Science and Philosophy

Russelian Science begins with the view that creation begins with the mind and then is simulated in a universe of electricity.  The thought forms that are created a male-female with an equilateral plane in between.

This science was started by Walter Russell via channeling.  Both art and writing explain this cosmogony.  It is now up to scientists to use laboratory to try to show these ideas have merit.

Bashar Channeled by Daryl Anka

Bashar is a consciousness with a vast breadth of awareness and has been channeled by Daryl Anka for over three decades.  This consciousness identifies itself as an extra-terrestrial pilot who works as a First Contact Specialist with civilizations.  Bashar gives helpful insights to people in videotaped sessions around the world.

This video is from the Vimeo channel since the Bashar YouTube Channel does not include it.  Bashar provides some brilliant methods on how to instantly manifest during this session.

Tragedy and Hope

This YouTube channel combines thoughtful lectures by figures such as Alan Watts with stunning visual presentations to emphasize its content.

Hannah Van Houcke

This channel provides a number of three dimensional models of the simulated universe. These models include animations and explanations that describe the ideas taught by Walter Russell.



SpaceX opens new worlds of possibility with their programs to set up bases on other planetary bodies.  Their videos document their ongoing programs to send humankind deeper into the vast reaches of outer space.

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