What is the Prime Radiant?

The concept of the prime radiant is a topic that Bashar speaks about through the channel Daryl Anka. It comes up during his question-and-answer sessions at his public events.

The question then becomes…What is the Prime Radiant?

The Prime Radiant is a point of consciousness. One that had no mass and is conscious of itself.

Bashar uses the concept of an infinitely fast particle that can compose the entire reality in existence. He emphasizes that this is not really a physical particle, but the particle serves as a representative concept.

It has no gravity and no inertia. It can be anywhere and everywhere simultaneously, traveling at infinite speed.

Bashar asserts that if you make any change whatsoever, then it is reflected throughout your Universe. From the tiniest subatomic particle to intergalactic levels, and everywhere in between.

He says that there is only one moment, one place, and one object. It is all here and now.

Bashar considers the Prime Radiant as being within “All That Is.” Bashar uses this term “All That Is” to describe what many on Earth would call God.

He explains the concept in this video:

The Universe is a construction of the mind and it is being re-formed at every moment. It could be reshaped dramatically in an instant, but it often looks similar from moment-to-moment.

Bashar has said that he considers particles to be representative of pure light energy that travel a path at infinite speed through an infinite void. Everything that we see is composed of this same light energy.

The light energy moves along a path represented by the Holotope Diagram shown below.

Shifts in Reality

According to Bashar, we are always shifting between realities and creating new realities every moment. A reality is directly reflective of what a person believes to be true. Therefore, a person can make large, perceptible shifts if their belief systems change dramatically.

The past does not affect the present. Each moment is the present as part of the eternal Now. Continuity from moment to moment is an illusion.

Crop Circles

Bashar has indicated that certain codes are embedded within the symbols that are depicted in crop circle phenomena. He says that the Prime Radiant follows a multidimensional path that is represented two-dimensionally, like a slice or cross-section representation.

By viewing these crop circle depictions and visualizing them multidimensionally, one can raise their vibration and enter through portals to new realities.

Since all of the light energy in the Universe is considered to be the same thing moving at infinite speed, then everything in the universe is One. It is a hall of mirrors, and we are looking at ourselves from different angles.


The story of the Prime Radiant

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