What are vision boards?

If you are interested in self-improvement, then there is a good chance that you’ve come across the idea of constructing a vision board. It is a central methodology in utilizing the Law of Attraction in manifesting one’s goals.

What exactly is a vision board? How is it made and what does it look like?

Vision boards are a pastiche of images that are meant to represent one’s dream life. You can activate the Law of Attraction by implementing vision boards in your life.

Vision boards are like an alter between the human and the larger spiritual world. It represents a nexus point of communication between different planes of existence.

Vision boards are utilized for manifestation. They embody an explicit representation of one’s goals and aspirations. They are meant to serve as a direct form of communication with the self-aware conscious universe.

Vision Board Tips:

  • It’s important that the images mirror your desires. You want to put them in a place where you can see them every day.
  • Adding inspirational quotations, affirmations and thoughts. Keeping it neat and tidy will help avoid chaos in your life.
  • You may want to have multiple boards in different locations with different themes.
  • Looking at the vision board before going to sleep helps to program the subconscious mind overnight.
  • Ideally, the vision board will resonate in alignment with your desired state. By viewing it, you will enter into your preferred frequency and vibration.
  • Using a bulletin board is effective because you can use tacks to arrange the photos on your board. You can cut an image from a publication, print one from a device, or make the image yourself.
  • Poster board can also be used by gluing or applying tape to the images.
  • Spend a few minutes per day looking at your vision board and thinking about what you want to manifest.

Jack Canfield has a variety of tips in this video:

How to make a vision board that works by Annie Bardonski:


Oprah Winfrey talks about “meeting the vibration” of what you want to align with. She said she doesn’t focus on her vision too much, so it’s more of an internal state of being.



Creating your very own vision board


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