Instant Manifestation: according to Bashar, everything is always instantly manifesting, and you manifest your reality. You are everything in your reality, and you have the ability to shape shift it. Video

New Earth:  this is a concept detailed by Dolores Cannon, especially in her book The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth.  The idea is that there is a parallel version of Earth that we are merging with.  In this version of Earth, we can manifest things quickly and effortlessly.  It is a world of peace, where humanity learns to live in harmony with each other and with the planet as a whole.

Prime Radiant: this is a point of consciousness. One that has no mass and is conscious of itself.

The extraterrestrial being who refers to himself as Bashar uses the concept of an infinitely fast particle which can compose the entire reality in existence to describe the Prime Radiant. He emphasizes that this is not really a physical particle, but the particle serves as a representative concept.

It has no gravity and no inertia. It can be anywhere and everywhere simultaneously, traveling at infinite speed. Bashar asserts that if you make any change whatsoever, then it is reflected throughout your Universe. From the tiniest atomic particle to intergalactic levels, and everywhere in between.

He says that there is only one moment, one place, and one object. It is all here and now. Bashar considers the Prime Radiant as being within “All That Is.” Bashar uses this term “All That Is” to describe what many humans on Earth would call God.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique: this hypnosis method was developed by Dolores Cannon as a way to heal by accessing the superconscious. Cannon wrote about many of the results in her books, which often involved visiting parallel lives in other realities which were sometimes connected to the source of her clients’ pain. She used the method to place her client in a somnambulistic state, which allowed her to speak directly with the parallel versions of the client or the superconscious.

Solfeggio Frequencies:  these are specific frequencies that are believed to be healthy for humanity.  They align with the chakras and the colors of the spectrum.  More

Superconscious: this is what Dolores Cannon calls the subconscious. It is aware of much more than the normal perspective that a human being would access. This mindis closer to an omniscient, God-like perspective which stretches across the veil of space, time and a multitude of realities.

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